Advertising - Make the clever move!!

As in all aspects of our business, in WLR FM Sales we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers.

From large national and international advertisers to small local businesses, all customers can be sure of receiving the same high level of professionalism and service from WLR FM.

Our experienced and motivated team are on hand to help customers get the very best return for their investment in a radio campaign.

From creating awarding winning radio promotions and advertising campaigns, to finding the right sponsorship opportunity for each business, WLR FM Sales Executives work with clients from campaign concept and planning through to copy creation and on-air execution to ensure the highest standards are maintained at all times and the best results achieved.

Radio in Ireland is a huge part of our daily life. As a nation we consume more radio than any other country in Western Europe with an average adult here spending over 3 hrs a day listening to the radio.

Harness the power of radio and put Waterford's No.1 radio station to work for your business.

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Sponsorships and Promotions

WLR FM has created many award winning sponsorships and promotions. From Major Stations Promotions to weeklong giveaways, we work with clients to create marketing messages that impact on listeners and give real results.

Outside Broadcasts and Street Team

The WLR FM Outside Broadcast Unit and Street Team add presence, colour and impact to any event, festival or commercial promotion. Choose which combination of broadcast and Street Team activity suit you best and let us make your event memorable.

About WLR FM Creative Services

Award winning creative team focused on delivering results-driven radio campaigns.

We are able to meet short deadlines and tight turnaround times. We produce ads for WLR FM as well as external stations.

For further details on WLR FM creative services, please email your enquiry here or contact your sales representative.