Thursday 27th April 2017

Spring is in the air and WLR is on the radio!

Spring is in the air and WLR is on the radio!

The latest Joint National Listenership Research (JNLR) figures, released on Wednesday 26th April, have shown great growth in WLR's popularity and listenership in Waterford in 2017.

The figures show that WLR’s weekly reach is now over 60,000; that’s 65% of adults (15+) in Waterford listening every week.

The biggest growth is in Waterford's favourite breakfast show, The Big Breakfast Blaa with Mary O'Neill and Ollie Carroll which has seen a huge jump in figures in the past year; almost doubling listenership in the core 8am hour alone!

Eamon Keane joined WLR in January of this year and inherited a large audience from the late Billy McCarthy (RIP) who passed away after a short illness last November. Déise Today is still a must listen every day with almost 13,000 people tuning in every 15 minutes for Eamon's powerful interviews, compelling guests and expert contributors.

Geoff Harris is being described as a 'Waterford treasure' in WLR after winning over an extra 2,000 listeners across his midday show 'The Lunchbox'. His mix of music, excellent interviews and competitions are just what the Waterford audience wants.

This offering is continued into the late afternoons with Teresanne O'Reilly on The Drive Home, whose audience remains strong from 3-6pm with significant growth during peak drive-time at 5-6pm. Again; a good variety of music and plenty of great prizes coupled with up-to-the-minute traffic and travel details for Waterford and live local and national news and sport makes for the perfect listen on your drive home.

Weekends have also taken a huge jump; increasing market share from 32% to 39% on Saturdays and 35% to 39% on Sundays. This audience increase provides a great platform for WLR's new Saturday schedule which sees The Saturday Jukebox move from 1-4pm to the slightly earlier slot of 12-3pm, followed by WLR's Timmy Ryan on the all new 'Rock'N'Roll Sport' from 3-6pm. The newest addition to the WLR line-up is Portlawman and Munster Express News Editor, Dermot Keyes, who presents The Saturday Show from 10am-midday; a magazine show with a weekly 'Big Interview', recipes and cookery chat with top chef Eunice Power, exclusive sport previews with expert guests, gardening, health and so much more.

Welcoming the figures, Michael Byrne, Programme Director at WLR, said: “The increased ratings in February and another positive book this time round gives us great confidence for the year ahead and we remain dedicated to delivering an excellent radio service to the people of county Waterford.”

The love of radio remains high amongst Waterford listeners with the amount of time spent listening every day remaining at over 4 hours.

Des Whelan, Managing Director of WLR said; "The JNLR listenership figures are a great boost for all of us working here in WLR. Our weekly listenership in 2017 continues to grow and we now have more that 60,000 adults in Waterford listening to WLR every week. We are incredibly thankful to our loyal listeners for their support and we will continue to provide Waterford with an excellent local radio service in 2017.”

Radio in Ireland remains a hugely important medium. 82% of Irish adults (15+) listen to the radio every single day, and it continues to dominate the share of all audio listening, with 88% of people choosing the radio over a streaming service or downloaded music. The audience is a social one too; Irish radio stations have almost 8 million social media connections across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat with WLR's social media channels reaching a phenomenal 600,000 people weekly. There’s no battle of the sexes when it comes to radio either; listenership is made up made up of 51% female and 49% male.

Over the past few years, WLR has been working on its overall strategy, investing in research, technology and personnel which has all lead to improving output on air and online. Waterford people still want the very latest local news and sport; they want the local angle on national and international stories; they love great music; and of course winning exciting prizes. By listening to WLR, people in Waterford get all of this delivered daily by a talented team of local presenters and researchers. After 27 years on air, it's what makes us part of the fabric of Waterford. We love Waterford. We are WLR.

Some interesting facts about radio in Ireland: 

1.       82% of Irish Adults (15+) tune into Irish Radio on a daily basis. This incorporates 83% of Housekeepers and 82% of Housekeepers with Kids tuning in each day

2.       The average listening time per listener is over 4.22 hours per day

3.       55% of all radio listeners are aged between 25 and 54

4.       There’s no battle of the sexes when it comes to radio with the listenership made up of 51% female and 49% male

5.       21% of the national 15+ audience have downloaded a radio station app

6.       The audience is spread across urban and rural with 64% of listening in Urban Areas and 36% in Rural

7.       Radio dominates the share of audio listening at 88% versus listening to own music at 8.6% and streaming music at 2.8%

8.       Radio stations across Ireland have almost 8 million social media connections across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat

9.   Mobile (2.4%), PC/Laptop(1.4%)  and other device (0.6%) listener makes up 4.4% of the market while listening on Mobile grows to almost 7.3% in 15 – 34’s

Ipsos MRBI JNLR 26th April 2017