Tuesday 16th May 2017

Sam White wins €560 on The MIX

Sam White wins €560 on The MIX

The Mix has been rolling over since March 10th, and by May 15th had grown to €560. We had named 2 of the 3 voices; Niamh Briggs and Christiano Ronaldo, but the first voice in the sequence was the only one standing between a winner and the cash. We knew the voice belonged to someone who wasn't British, they weren't a famous sportsperson and they HAD been to Ireland before... 

On May 15th, Sam White, who was at work in the City, guessed Garth Brooks, Niamh Briggs and Christiano Ronaldo. He got 3 right!!! 

We'll now have a brand new MIX with a brand new cash prize. 

If you're new to The Drive Home, here's how to play: 

Listen into The Drive Home on WLR with Teresanne from 3pm Mon-Fri to hear to 3 mystery voices. 

Text MIX and your details to 083-3333975 to register for the competition.

Wait for your phone to ring.

If you can tell us who the 3 voices belong to, the cash is yours!

Tune in to Teresanne on The Drive Home every weekday from 3pm for even more clues and to hear who's guessed each day!

* * * 

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