Name That Tune on The Shift

Name That Tune Is Enjoyable And Frustrating In Equal Measures!

Each night on The Shift, Ray C plays a head-wrecking competition where you have to Name That Tune: an almost impossible task!

Ray plays a clip of a song; you have to guess what it is.

The catch?

The clip is less than 2 seconds long AND the audio is reversed!

Here's What You Can Win


€110 CBD Ireland Voucher






Clues: This American dance act scored a top 40 hit in the later part of the 90s with this track.





Incorrect Artists:


David Morales, Robin S, Rosie Gains, House Of Pain, C&C Music Factory, Crystal Waters, Cher, Janet Jackson, A Tribe Called Quest, Wildchild, Moby, Armand Van Heldon, Civilles & Cole, Whitney Huston, Mariah Carey, Paul Johnson, no Mercy, Dee Lite, Tag Team, Blondie, Roger Sanchez, Scatman Jon, The Original, The Bucketheads, Masters At Work, Reel 2 Real








Join Ray C to play Name That Tune on The Shift every night from 7-10pm on WLR 

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