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Déise Today, 30th May: Should we cut down on packaging?

On Thursday's version of 'Déise Today', Damien was talking to Elaine Butler, a blogger behind the popular page 'Living Lightly in Ireland'.

Elaine wants to bring awareness to the idea of being smarter when it comes to buying products in the supermarket when it comes to goods with a lot of waste/packaging.
This is particular with supermarket grocery items which she says we should not try and buy in these supermarkets. Instead, we should go for the products that have less packaging on them and make it our priority to do so.

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Also on that show, Damien was speaking to two people who have moved across the Atlantic except in the opposite directions!

Seanie Kiely who was originally from An Rinn in west Waterford now lives and works as a lawyer in Manhattan, New York while Erica, a Miami Cuban women came over here for her holidays with her Irish husband at the time and has never left.

The two compared what it was like to live in their original country and then to move to the country that they now preside in.
Seanie told stories of how his friends in America would go to Ireland and would complain about the quality of food in Ireland, while Erica would say the exact opposite and said that she enjoyed the food here in Ireland.
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Also, Damien was speaking with Minister of State John Paul Phelan to try and put into sense the details that are emerging about the directly elected mayor leaflets which were supposedly sent out to every household in the counties of Waterford, Cork and Limerick.

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