Déise Today - A Climate Change Special, Tuesday September 7th

Have You Heard Of Climate Anxiety?

This Tuesday, September 7th, Déise Today will broadcast a special two-hour show dedicated to Climate Change and the anxiety felt by the general public in relation to the global climate crisis. 

Climate Change Anxiety, also known as eco-anxiety can be defined as extreme worry about current and future harm to the environment caused by human activity and climate change - Oxford

With flooding and heatwaves becoming a common occurrence we want to take a deep dive into how the climate crisis is advancing, as evidenced by severe global weather events. Damien Tiernan will ask the questions - what major issues are we going to encounter in the next few years? What are people's fears for the future? And what can we do to limit the damage that has been caused to the planet?

The show will aim to increase the general public's awareness of climate issues and the anxiety related to them and will feature items ranging from electric cars to tackling carbon neutrality, water conservation, and much more. 


Just some of the guests joining Damien are Biologist, Environmental Consultant, and author Éanna Ní Lamhna who will be discussing her new book, Our Wild World. We will also be giving away four copies of the book.

Tammy Darcy, Founder, and CEO of The Shona Project will discuss how climate anxiety is affecting young people today.

Irish Water's Christine Crawford will talk to Damien about their plan to secure clean water for Ireland's future.

GIY founder Mick Kelly will be on the show to discuss the benefits of growing your own food.


Damien will also pay a visit to the Belview Wastewater Plant and find out about the challenges of treating wastewater in Ireland.

All that and much more.

This program will be broadcast in association with Irish Water Ireland's national water utility service. Irish Water is responsible for providing water and wastewater services throughout Ireland. From coast to coast, their job is to ensure delivery of the highest quality drinking water to your taps every day and ensure that wastewater is properly treated and safely returned to the environment.

Listen in to the Déise Today Climate Change special on Tuesday, September 7th from 10 am, thanks to Irish Water