Solas Cancer Support Centre reopens for first time since January

People availing of the Solas Cancer Support Centre's services over the past number of months remotely could visit their centres in Waterford and Dungarvan for the first time since January today.
Solas' services include counselling and group support services which had been operating online over the past six months.
Tracy McDaid Manager of the centre says that there was a fantastic buzz at their facilities today.
"The last day we had clients in the building is the 11th of January and while we were offering the remote service we know that people are really keen to get back in," she said.


Despite the centre providing online support, there were some services which weren't possible to hold online.
Tracy McDaid Manager of Solas, says that they're particularly delighted to offer child and adolescent supports once again.
"Our big area where we're really pleased to be able to offer services again is the services we offer to our younger clients - children and adolescents through our art therapy and psychotherapy, and play therapy.
"We were really conscious over the past six months that they were a cohort of clients we weren't able to engage with at all so that's probably one of the most exciting things for us," Tracy said.
You can see a list of the Solas Cancer Support Centre's July Support options here:

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