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Jobs In Waterford - Retained Fire Fighters

Retained Fire Fighters

Waterford City and County Council is currently recruiting for Retained Fire Fighters, based in Cappoquin, Lismore, Tramore and Dunmore East.

Waterford Fire Service responds to all emergency calls from the public for assistance, primarily to protect life and save injury to individuals, but also to prevent and restrict damage to property.ย ย Many emergency calls are to incidents where members of the community are trapped in vehicles following road traffic accidents, trapped in machinery, or trapped in less life-threatening circumstances. A firefighter's duty also covers dealing with being called to chemical spillages and toxic emissions, etc.ย 

All applicants for the position of Retained Fireย Fighter must have the ability to respond to the fire station within 5 minutes of a call being sent to their pager, which the firefighter carries.ย  In most cases, this will mean being within one mile from the station when you are providing cover.

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