Be careful what you buy online! - A Waterford listener shared her experience

On The Big Breakfast Blaa this week Vinny and Aoibhin heard from a listener who purchased a Christmas tree online and didn't exactly get what she bargained for.

The texter shared that they had bought the tree, equipped with "multiple light settings" on TikTok last January.

After waiting months for the purchase to arrive, they were surprised to see a small package with what the texter described as "a twig" come through the door.

This is the "grow and stow" tree that the texter thought they were buying


This is what arrived!

Luckily the person had made the purchase using Paypal and was able to get their money back. But buyer beware!

The guys also had a text in from Lucy who said she thought she was buying a bed for her (average sized) dog, and she got what could only be described as a hamster bed!