Dogs capable of understanding more 200 words, study says

Your pooch might be smarter than you think with news that dogs know a lot of words!

The Daily Mail reports that canine pets understand up to 215 words, going way beyond the standard "sit" and "walkies" commands we presume them to know.

Researchers gave owners a list of 165 words and asked them to monitor how consistently dogs responded to them, by wagging tails or looking for an object.  The average words or phrases the furry pals appeared to understand was 89, with one particularly clever canine responding to 215 words!

The weakest performer still understood 15 words, and the researchers believing 90% of dogs understand their own name, and have a concept of the meaning of 'no' and 'good boy' or 'good girl.'


The research also shows that dogs like Collies understand the most words, along with companion dogs like chihuahuas.