Listen back: Always an interesting conversation on Twitter Thursday with Sean Defoe.

Sean Defoe joins Ollie for Twitter Thursday fun and frolics. On this week's offering....

Kate Bush

Kate Bush has described her return to the top of the music charts as "quite shocking" after Netflix drama Stranger Things wowed a new legion of fans.

Great music now being discovered by a whole new generation. Really is the power of popular culture.

Brad Pitt

GQ released several photos of the 58-year-old actor for its upcoming summer issue , and the cover photo, in particular, is confusing people online.


The picture shows Pitt laying in what looks like a pond full of colourful flowers. He’s wearing a bright blue shirt and a gold locket around his neck, with one hand on his chest and a lizard crawling across his body.

But it’s the face that people can’t handle because the pale-looking actor is serving up an embalmed look.

Basically, it’s a bad Blue Steel. Sean gives his thoughts.

Have a listen below and see what you think about all of these strange goings on...


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