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Around the world we go to take a look at some of the stranger news stories making the news this week.

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Do You Wanna Dance.


Sweden are preparing a new bill which will finally scrap the country's ban on dancing in bars and restaurants without a permit.

Sounds a bit like the story line to the movie "Footloose" !!!!!!


Identical twins who were separated at birth were reunited to find they had lived very similar lives.

Both named Jim, the two men lived apart for 39 years and were given the same name by their adoptive parents.But the similarities didn't stop there.

Oldest person in the world.


The world’s oldest known person, French nun Lucile Randon, has died aged 118. Known as Sister André, she was born in  France on 11 February 1904.

She died in her sleep at her nursing home in Toulon.

Drive-Thru Pony.

A  horse was spotted waiting for his lunch in the back of a car as stunned McDonalds staff had an unexpected drive-thru customer.

A TikTok clip sees the animal appearing to nod as his owner explains why he was there in a video titled 'Only in Australia'.

Mammoth of a Story.

Treasure hunters have been seen on the East River in New York City after a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast claimed that valuable prehistoric mammoth bones was dumped in the river in the 1940s.

Despite a lack of evidence, treasure seekers have used boats, diving gear and remote-operated cameras to search.