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Around the world we go to take a look at some of the stranger news stories making the news this week.

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Long way home.

A cat missing for 9 years was reunited with her owner after showing up on a local resident's porch. What's this they say

You own a dog but a cat owns you!!!!!!!!

What is that thing ?

A giant "iron ball" discovered on a beach in JapanΒ has locals and officials baffled as the mysterious object’s origins remain unknown.

Like to live in a pyramid ?


A bizarre pyramid house that would fit in perfectly in the Egyptian desert has gone up for sale. It's located in Fort Davis, West Texas, in the middle of a dry grassy patch, the home appears quite mysterious with very little information offered on the property listing.

Coffee twist.

Putting olive oil in coffee is a new trend in Italy.

Paper Planes.

A trio of engineers broke a Guinness World Record when they created and threw a paper airplane that flew a distance of 289 feet and 9 inches.