Listen Back: Ollie's Strange News From Around The World.

Listen Back: Ollie's Strange News From Around The World.

Around the world we go to take a look at some of the stranger news stories making the news this week.

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Roman Concrete.


The Colosseum in Rome has been standing for almost 2000 years and is proof that the ancient Romans knew things about building construction.

And it’s not just the Colosseum. Such ancient structures can be seen throughout Rome. These structures speak volumes about the strength and durability of the building materials used by the ancient Romans.

One of the key building materials used in these heavy structures is Roman concrete – a stronger, durable ancestor than the concrete in use today.

Cocaine Hippos.

Columbia is planning to send 70 of its cocaine hippos to India and Mexico. Of the total 70 hippos, 60 will be sent to to India while 10 to Mexico.


Currently there are between 130-160 hippos in Columbia and these have spread out far beyond Escobar’s former ranch. These cocaine hippos are the descendents of four hippos, brought from Africa or the United States in the 1970s.

Reptile Bar.

Malaysian reptile enthusiast Yap Ming Yang hopes visitors to his pet-friendly cafe will learn to appreciate snakes and lizards as much as they do dogs and cats.

Bearded dragons, leopard geckos, and corn snakes are among the species resting in glass tanks stacked around Yap's cafe in Kuala Lumpur.

Cricket flavour icecream.

A German ice cream parlour has expanded its menu with cricket-flavoured scoops with the dried brown insects on top.

The unusual confection is available at Thomas Micolino’s store in Rottenburg Germany.

Mr Micolino has a habit of creating flavours that are outside Germans’ typical preferences and yours and mine too i would think!!!!!

Close encounter.

A podcaster caught the crazy moment an suv crashed into a Houston cafe, sending shattering glass toward him and the guest he was interviewing.

Seconds before the suv plowed into the cafe, podcaster Nathan Reeves said: “It got so quiet in here.”Luckily not famous last words!!!!!!

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