Listen back: Vinny and Aoibhin ask, would you start Christmas shopping in September?

None of us like to hear the 'C' word mentioned too early, but new figures indicate that a lot of people saved during the Pandemic. This means that the more organised among you are picking up Christmas gifts for your family and friends already. Others are balking at the very notion!

According to today's Irish Daily Mail, research shows that savings are up over €13 billion in the past year. The paper reports that 58% of Irish shoppers intend to spend their Lockdown savings on pressies.

The research, conducted by Kinectic Insight, goes onto show that almost two thirds of people plan to start Christmas shopping early this year. Four in five say they'll get into the festive shopping swing between September and November. And, wait for it, 7% started in August!

What do Vinny and Aoibhin think about Christmas shopping?

Aoibhin says it's NOT Christmas shopping if you start it at this time of year. Vinny disagrees and says once you're buying presents to hand out during then festive season, then it IS Christmas shopping.


Have a listen here to their discussion...