LISTEN: Do Inspirational Quotes Work?


If you have framed inspirational quotes hanging in your home, you're not alone! They're a popular sight in bedrooms, bathrooms - and every other room of the house - across the globe! But they're not for everybody, and in today's Irish Daily Mail, journalist Marianne Power writes that instead of having the desired effect, they now make her "miserable"!

So Vinny and Aoibhin wanted to find out how WLR listeners feel about the pictures, memes and texts that circulate - designed to give the receiver a boost to be 'all that they can be' but could end up having the opposite effect or just be dismissed as drivel.

Unsurprisingly, opinion was split! In studio, neither presenter admitted to liking them much, but there was some support on the text line, as you'll hear. Take a listen below!


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