LISTEN: Do you remember these outdoor Waterford swimming pools?

Reports from Cork today suggest the city is looking for a site to build a new outdoor swimming pool - or lido - along the River Lee and it got us thinking; maybe Waterford should have one as well!

Outdoor pools were once a far more common sight than they are nowadays, and a number were located in Waterford as WLR listeners reminded Vinny and Aoibhin on this morning's Big Breakfast Blaa (listen below).


Swimming pool at the Candlelight Inn, Dunmore East. (

Among those getting a mention were Dungarvan, Dunmore East, Newtown School, De La Salle Social Club, and the Majestic Hotel in Tramore. We think it's high time we saw the return of outdoor pools in Waterford! Do you agree?


The Big Breakfast Blaa returns tomorrow at 6am on WLR.