LISTEN: Doctors prescribe spending time outdoors.

If you’re a believer in the positive effects of spending time in the great outdoors, you’re not alone.

In Canada, doctors now have the option of prescribing patients with a free annual pass to national parks to increase the amount of time they spend in nature. The Washington Post reports that doctors will write a typical prescription of two hours’ outdoor time per week.

Meanwhile, Vinny and Aoibhin from the Big Breakfast Blaa have invited WLR listeners to share their favourite walks in Waterford, calling it #WALKERFORD! Vinny got the ball rolling this week on one of his favourite walks in Dunmore East. Take a listen...


So, get out and get walking and tell us about your favourite route in Waterford, and join Vinny and Aoibhin on the Big Breakfast Blaa from 6am tomorrow.