LISTEN: Vinny and Aoibhin discuss latest NPHET advice!

There was a big reaction to the latest NPHET advice on this morning's Big Breakfast Blaa with Vinny and Aoibhin.

Recent reports suggest time could be running out in the race to improve the numbers of Covid cases ahead of Christmas, with party season now under threat. It's also been suggested that a return to working from home is on the cards while school nativity plays could also fall victim to the continuing rise in cases.

Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan's advice this week included a halving of social interactions, and this has been met with exasperation by some Big Breakfast Blaa listeners. Vinny, while urging caution and personal responsibility, questioned the tone of messaging also. Take a listen.


In response to Vinny's comments, one texter wrote

Well done, Vinny. I feel the same. I am 72. Like you, first I cocooned, then I stayed in...I got jabs, [I] keep a mask on only go to town once a week. I haven't seen my son and grandson in two and a half years as they're in England . Let's face it at my age like every other pensioner time is not on our side. I have underlying health conditions but not got the booster yet. We took [the vaccine] having been told the vaccine would sort everything. But what's the good...when this Christmas is shaping up to be the same as the last two. Rant over!

Another said "I agree, Vinny. I have two nights coming up, four weeks apart, where I'll meet people I haven't seen together since 2019. We won't sit on top of each other, we'll wash our hands and wear our masks moving about, but I'm not cancelling. Like you I've done everything asked of me and more. I'm beginning to realise we have to learn to live with Covid and that means everyone being careful...taking better care of themselves and their families by thinking about where they are and what they're doing and if it's a high risk situation them leave."

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