Listen: Vinny & Aoibhin discuss asking strangers about clothing

On this morning's Big Breakfast Blaa, Vinny and Aoibhin asked, is it ok to ask a stranger where they got an item of clothing, or a nice smelling perfume or aftershave?

The conversation was sparked by a viral tweet by a lady named Donna, who said she was snubbed after asking a woman in a shop where she got her coat.

Vinny and Aoibhin ask would you be insulted to be asked about clothing?

Most people on the text line to theΒ Big Breakfast BlaaΒ felt that it's complimentary, whether the item was expensive, or bought in a charity shop. Aoibhin had a story to tell, about being stopped on the street about a "Prada" bag.

They also heard stories of strange reactions about clothes AND about their perfume and aftershave!


Have a listen to their chat.

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