Ollie speaks to long time Elvis fan Martin Clancy re the movie "Elvis."

The King of Rock and Roll has arrived on a big screen near you. The past few years have given us fictionalized looks at the lives of Freddie Mercury and Elton John. Now, it’s time for the biggest name in rock and roll to receive his Hollywood treatment in Elvis.The story of Elvis Presley told interestingly from the perspective of his manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). A two-hour-39-minute epic  brought to the screen with interesting results.

Baz Luhrmann co-wrote and directed this film in his own distinct way. Previous credits like Moulin Rouge and  The Great Gatsby , give you some idea of Luhrmann's  style.  Austin Butler is far from a well known name, and was going up against more established actors . For Hollywood to cast a less bankable actor like him was a risk, and one that paid off.

Tom Hanks is very impressive in this film. Having spent years playing good guys, Hanks takes a more villainous turn as Parker. The casting is excellent including  Chaydon Jay, who plays Elvis as a child and looks the image of him.

Ollie spoke to  Martin Clancy. a Deise man and life long fan of Elvis who has made various documentaries about him and met a lot of his inner circle. It all makes for an interesting conversation and one that you can hear below......