QUIZ: 'The Crown' stars - where have you seen them before?

The new season of The Crown dropped on Netflix this week amid much controversy regarding the factual verification of certain storylines.

Season 5 takes us up to the early 90s when Charles and Diana's marriage begins to fall apart completely.

It includes Andrew Morton's tell all book which Diana is seen contributing to, the insistence by Charles that the queen abdicate and let him take over the crown and the arrival of Mohammed Al-Fayed into the UK.

As is tradition, there is an entirely new cast in the main roles, with cameos from Claire Foy as a young Elizabeth and Alex Jones making a welcome return as the Duke of Windsor.


The new cast includes Dominic West as Charles, Imelda Staunton as The Queen, Johnny Lee Miller as John Major and Elizabeth Debecki, getting rave reviews as Diana.



If those names are familiar to you, it's because you have probably seen them in something before!


In this weeks quiz we look at a number of the main actors across the 5 seasons and ask, where have you seen them before?