Sean talks Bojo, floating cities and being paid 300 times your normal salary.

Sean Defoe joined Ollie on "The Spin Home" for another Twitter Watch. On this weeks show....

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson announced last Thursday he is stepping down as the leader of the Conservative Party but will continue as prime minister “until a new leader is in place”( The Long Finger approach). Johnson said a timetable for the election of a new leader will be announced next week. More than 50 members of his government have resigned since Tuesday. Strange times ahead.

There is the first rank of possible contenders, the ones of whom you may have heard – Rishi Sunak, Sajid Javid, Ben Wallace, Liz Truss, Nadhim Zahawi; all of whom were in the cabinet last week. It all had to happen sometime but it ain't over yet by a long shot.

Floating City

The Maldives has long been the picture-perfect paradise getaway. Last year saw tourism return to almost pre-pandemic levels with the arrival of 1.3 million travellers. Now, the world’s lowest-lying nation might just have a stable solution to the stark reality of rising sea levels. The Maldives Floating City has just been green-lit for construction. Five thousand housing units that are linked together and tethered to the floor of a 500-acre lagoon, designed to preserve and enhance its natural and cultural ecosystem. Would you fancy living on a floating city ?

Overpaid x 300 times


What would you do if you had been overpaid 300 times your normal salary ? Well, one employee was paid nearly 176,522 euro for a month’s work instead of the usual 529 euro decided to duck and run.

The unnamed staff member at Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos in Chile did initially raise the eye-watering overpayment for May with his manager who then flagged it to HR.

He agreed to return the cash and promised to go to the bank the following day. But instead of giving it back, the man withdrew it and hasn’t been seen since.

Sean casts his rye eye over all of the above, listen in below.


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