Tramore family to feature in TV survival programme this December

The Hennessys from Tramore County Waterford will be part of Bush Kids which follows four different families, each brought to a different habitat to learn how to survive in the wild. Bushcraft survival expert, Tom Bán, shares his skills with each family as they travel on an adventure into the wilds of Ireland.

With just their backpacks, the Bush Kids, aged 5–12 years and accompanied by a parent, explore their given habitat and learn how to survive using only what they find around them.

The Hennessy family will feature in four episodes, from 13th to 16th December, braving the terrain of the bog. The episodes, entitled Boglands, will see kids Tom, Liam and Olivia and their mum, Helen, spend three days surviving in an area with very little resources and a terrain that would be difficult for any explorer. The episodes will see them try out skills such as building shelters and lighting fires, and prepping food to cook in the open.


About Tom Bán


Tom Bán is from Tipperary and spent most of his time growing up hunting, fishing and spend countless hours outside exploring the landscape around him and learning local history. He is dedicated to learn the skills required to survive in the wild and the bushcraft
needed to do so. Tom has brought his passion for the outdoors into his carrier and now teaches bushcraft and nature classes to groups of kids and adults all across Ireland. We are always asked at some point in our live “what would you bring with you if you were stuck on a desert island” and the answer should always be…. Tom Bán.

How to watch the Hennessys from Tramore on "Bush Kids"

You can catch them on the four episodes of Boglands airing on RTE 2 at 4.05pm from December 13 to 16th. It was created by GMarsh TV productions. 

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