130 dogs entered Waterford pound in 2021, five euthanized

A new strategic framework for animal welfare has been launched today.

The ISPCA alongside The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine outlined the 5 year plan today.

The amendments will include increased care to vulnerable animal groups.

CEO of the ISPCA Dr. Cyril Sullivan told WLR News that they are now the largest animal welfare organisation in Ireland.


He says: "In terms of prosecution, we are developing our inspectorate. We have 9 inspectors across the country. They have the power to seize an animal and bring it into care if we believe it is being treated badly."


The strategy is to ensure all animals are loved, respected, protected and treated with kindness.

The 2023-2027 strategy comes as the ISPCA will celebrates 75 years next year.

He says: "During those years, we have developed the organisation in terms of protecting animal welfare throughout Ireland to the point we are now the largest such organisation in Ireland."


A major factor of the new plan includes stricter prosecution routes for those who cause harm to animals.

Licensing and Fines

In 2021, 7,381 dog licences were issued to dog-owners, a fall from 2020 figures of 8,514.

Also in 2021, 22 on the spot fines were issues to dog-owners, leading to one conviction.

130 strays entered the dog pound in 2021, of those 51 were reclaimed, 12 were re-homed, 60 were transferred to dog welfare groups, and five were euthanised.


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