Campaign to tarnish Dungarvan Pride "beyond pathetic", according to councillor

Campaign to tarnish Dungarvan Pride "beyond pathetic", according to councillor

The campaign to tarnish Dungarvan Pride is beyond pathetic, according to a local councillor.

Conor McGuinness said that the festival organisers and some performers were subjected to a barrage of homophobic trolling online in the wake of the inaugural event.

He says this type of bigoted online campaign is something that needs to be dealt with.

He told WLR News that he stands in solidarity with all involved in last week's very successful, family-friendly Dungarvan Pride Festival:


"Unfortunately, in the days that followed, the festival itself and a number of individuals came under sustained and coordinated online vitriolic and deeply homophobic attacks.

"A number of individuals were singled out - one in particular. The abuse and the vitriol that was leveled was so mean-spirited, was so damaging and was so unfair."

Continuing, the Dungarvan/Lismore representative said that we have all seen the kind of tragic result that can stem from this kind of abuse if it goes unchallenged:

"The trolls who hide behind fake accounts online and who spew hate, they don't represent anybody. They don't speak on anybody's behalf.


"They have little or no support.

"Their hatred and their bigotry has no currency - people don't take them seriously. But, it is dangerous and it's deeply, deeply unpleasant.

"It's really unfortunate that it happened in the wake of such a great festival."

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