Cardiac campaigner to fill Mary Roche's council seat

The PRO of Health Equality for the South East - Matt Shanahan - is to take a seat on Waterford Council.

The cardiac campaigner has been nominated by Independent Mary Roche, who is resigning from Friday for personal reasons.

Councillor Roche says it was important to her to find a strong independent voice who would be able to use the 6 months left to maximum effect.

 “When I realised that the casual vacancy caused by my resignation would be filled - if not by me, then most likely by the pact I decided to fill the seat,” she said. “It was important to me to find a strong, Independent voice who would be able to use the 6 months left to maximum effect."
Roche went on to say that there are a lot of promises and commitments being made and while they are welcomed we in Waterford have learned that words mean nothing. “Actions are what counts” she said “and I am confident that having a Council seat will heighten awareness of the campaign and demonstrate that local government has a role in advocating for important issues on a national stage and holding those who hold national office to account.”
“I wish Matt well as he and the members of Waterford City and County Council who have always unanimously backed the campaign for 24/7 endeavor to move the campaign forward with demonstrable commitments which will see improvements in cardiac care for heart patients and heart attack sufferers in the near future.”
It is hoped that following the co-option procedure Matt Shanahan will take the seat as early as December.