Concerns around children's safety at Dungarvan playground

Concerns around children's safety at Dungarvan playground

Dungarvan locals have voiced their concerns regarding broken glass in a local playground.

The Linear Park in Dungarvan has a history of anti-social behavior according to Sinn Féin councillor Conor McGuinness.

He raised the issue at this month's Dungarvan/Lismore district council meeting.

"Not for the first time and unfortunately not for the last time I got a message on Saturday morning about broken glass thrown all over the playground.


"I have nothing but praise for the outdoor crew who were on the scene and had it cleaned up as quickly as they possibly could.

"I understand it is quite difficult to clean as a lot of the glass is quite small, especially with the soft covering on the ground, it becomes quite difficult."

Broken glass (Linear Park)

Broken glass (Linear Park)


The park is part of a multi-recreational development that caters to a wide range of children's needs, including Ireland's first ‘Learn to Cycle’ track opened in 2022 that includes slides, swings, and climbing frames, along with water fountains with bird feeding points. 

In 2019, the park underwent improvements which saw the upgrade to the children's play area.

Councillor McGuinness continued to say it is "despicable" what is happening in the children's park.

He added: "I don't think I need to spell out to anybody how dangerous it is when children are running and playing.

"The amount of broken glass and the frequency it occurs suggests it's not an accident.

"People are most likely getting in there at night time and breaking glass as some form of entertainment."

He also made calls on parents in the Dungarvan area to ensure that their teenagers are not partaking in anti-social behavior.

"I think as a council we need to call it out and say that it is not acceptable.

"There is a role for parents to be aware of where their teenagers are in the evenings.

"It is not just anti-social, but it is putting children in harm's way."

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