Cyber security expert says it's time more was done to tackle online crimes

A cyber security expert says governments generally are not interested in prosecuting companies like Facebook.

Graham Mulherne was discussing issues raised last week by Waterford Junior Minister, Mary Butler on DΓ©ise Today.

She was highly critical of the social media giant for not being forthcoming in her own case when a fake account was set up in her name.

Speaking on DΓ©ise Today, Graham says most governments see the positives of Facebook outweighing the negatives:


"Facebook is a huge source of financing for the banks, a huge source of jobs in Europe and the US and around the world.

"Governments are dead keen to get Facebook to invest in their country.

"I unfortunately believe that politicians prefer the ribbon-opening part of Facebook life - you know, announcing a new floor or a new building to take on thousands of new employees. And they're not so inclined to start policing, taxing Facebook or introducing laws at this stage."

Dedicated GardaΓ­ and a dedicated court are among the suggestions that Graham Mulherne, of, says would help to properly address issues around online crime.


He told Damien Tiernan that it's time more was done:

"We could start with having a Cyber Garda in every major station and at least one single cyber court in the country and judges who understand and are able to deal with it.

"There's a lot of simple steps that we could take but that we are not taking.

"But it does make me wonder why the likes of Facebook - who have been around now for nearly 15 or 20 years - why Facebook and Google don't face tougher sanctions at this stage."