Doctor says kids under two are most as risk for RSV Virus

Children under two are more at risk of having a severe infection with the RSV Virus and can go on to contract bronchiolitis.

However the percentage that would need hospitalisation is very small.

So says Dr James Gilroy specialist register in Public Health Medicine.

It was reported last week that there has been a spike in the number of people being treated for the RSV Virus.


"For most people, particularly adults and older people, it would be one of the common viruses that would cause a head cold," Dr Gilroy said.

For the majority of people it feels like a bad cold, and lasts for about two to three weeks.

Dr Gilroy told Deise Today that a lot of kids are picking it up now for the first time because they wouldn't have had the chance over the last two years because of Covid restrictions.

"Basic measures that you take for any sort of cough or cold should help you feel better with it," he said.


This includes medication such as Paracetomol and Neurofen.

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