Dungarvan parade cancelled

The Dungarvan St Patrick's Day Parade has been cancelled due to fears over coronavirus.

Organisers made the decision today after the first case of community transmission was confirmed.


Anne-Marie Rossiter is Secretary of the Committee.

"We were going to wait until Monday to make the decision but, I think this morning we decided that this was it now and we might as well make it.

"It's a hard time for everyone, for businesses especially, because it is a good day around.


"It was a decision we felt was safer and I'm much happier now that the decision has been made."

She says it should have been their 44th parade.

"Anyone that had collected any forms from us here, we had said to them that there was a possibility that the parade wouldn't be going ahead so, we've been watching out for that and we have been in contact with a lot of groups that were putting in an awful lot of effort. Every group puts in an awful lot of effort.

"We've been so thankful, it should have been the 44th year, the last time it was cancelled was for the 'foot and mouth' and I feel this is as urgent."