Full cardiac care at UHW remains an issue

The issue of cardiac care at UHW cannot be forgotten.

That's the view of Willie Doyle from the '24/7 Cardiac Care for Waterford and the South East campaign.

Speaking to WLR News, he says "the issue must remain at the fore locally and nationally." He added: "Sadly, the cardiac end of things in my opinion has been neglected. The excuse was we needed two cath labs to have a full service.

"The second cath lab was built but nothing is happening. The people of  Waterford must remember that we need a full 24/7 cardiac service."


2018 March for cardiac care in UHW

UHW'S Cath Lab is currently served by a partial service from 8:00 A:M - 8:00 - P:M Monday - Friday excluding bank holidays, with out-of-hours patients being transferred to Cork.

The extended hours were introduced in the latter half of last year to meet the demands of the cardiology service in the hospital.


Willie says "members of the group are committed to continuing the fight for a full 24/7 service - and won't give up." He added: "We have got to get this service. It is far too serious. Some of my friends have passed on since the start of this campaign so we must keep going and we deserve a full 24/7 cardiac service.

"During the week we got the great news that the North Quays was starting. At long last it looks like the capital of the South-East, Waterford, is being promoted.

"It is sad that we are the only dedicated cardiac service in the entire country that does not have a full service."

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