GIY launch GROW at school programme in 132 schools

132 schools across Ireland can begin to plant and produce their own food as GIY launch their GROW at school programme across Ireland.

It aims to see every school in the country grow food, reconnect with nature, and develop healthier, more sustainable food choices.

Speaking to WLR News, GIY's Education Manager, Terri Cole, said every school receives a grow kit with seeds.

Each kit consists of four raised beds, 14 seed varieties, teacher resources such as garden and lesson plans, and newsletters.


An increased interest in eating more vegetables and better overall well-being has been seen in the kids that took part in the pilot prgramme.

"Teachers really comment on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of gardening so having students go outside and take the time to appreciate their surroundings and being in nature," Terri said.

Other benefits include the fact that children know where their food is coming from and understanding that an apple and other foods can be grown from a seed.

According to Terri, teachers have expressed that they can see the learning happening in the classroom.


On top of this, she believes that out future food production systems will be more sustainable as a result of students having this knowledge.

GIY already have 500 schools signed up for the programme next year.

Their hope is to make it bigger than schools and make the gardens community-based projects.

"I think the school is a place where you can bring parents into the gardening, you can bring volunteers, it really can be such a community project, not just a school project," Terri said.

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