129 new parking spaces for Mahon Bridge

129 new parking spaces are set to be provided at Mahon Bridge.

The news was confirmed at the November meeting of the Comeragh District of Waterford City & County Council.

Parking has become an issue in the Comeragh area in recent years due to growing levels of tourism.

Senior Engineer for Roads at Waterford Council, Gabriel Hynes, says the new spaces will provide safe offroad parking and help cater to demand in the future.


"It's 129 car parking spaces for the Mahon Bridge area. I suppose thats to cater for the existing and future demands. We've had a significant growth in popularity for outdoor walking and cycling, and that's placed a significant demand for parking out at Mahon Bridge. Our proposal here is to provide safe off-road parking."

The new and improved parking will help to greatly enhance the visitor experience in the area, and Mr. Hynes says that the Council hope to eventually provide a link between Mahon Bridge and the Waterford Greenway.

"The car park will improve the visitors' experience, and it'll also provide a park-and-ride facility. We'll have a biodiversity area there as well. Our long term vision is that it will provide access to the Greenway. That would be the long term proposal with the underpass under the regional road."

'Wonderful for the area'

Local Labour Party Councillor Ger Barron welcomed the news, as the scheme will provide for a bus stop, a set down area, seating and bike parking area, pathway and wetlands.


He says it will be wonderful for the area.

"I think it's a great idea. The Crough Wood is a very welcome addition to mid-Waterford's facilities for tourism and for people exercising. I particularly welcome the idea that down the line, we'll be able to link it to the Greenway. I think the attraction of someone walking or cycling the Greenway and being able to cycle up Mahon Falls and way up into the beautiful Comeragh Mountains, is more than attractive."