Monthly payment of €400 for those hosting Ukrainian refugees approved

James Cox

Households who take in Ukrainian refugees will be given a €400 monthly payment under plans approved this evening.

The Cabinet subcommittee on Ukraine signed off on a recognition payment with the issue going to a full Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

The payment will apply equally to all households - whether it is a large house or an apartment.


Legislation will need to be passed to process the payment which could take a few months, according to one senior source.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion on February 24th, 26,000 Ukrainians have fled to Ireland.

Meanwhile, almost 600 Ukrainian refugees have received visas to come to Northern Ireland.

The total number of refugees who have arrived in the North is not currently known, with many arriving at Dublin Airport and crossing the Border.


However, some 598 visas have been issued to applicants sponsored by Northern Ireland residents under the Homes for Ukraine scheme.