New 'person of interest' identified by Gardaí investigating the murder of Ashling Murphy

Gardaí investigating the murder of Ashling Murphy have identified a second man who they want to speak to.

As reported in the Irish Examiner, gardaí are not labelling the man a new suspect, but rather a “person of interest”.

It comes following the release of a man they had been questioning late on Thursday night, with gardaí stating he was “no longer a suspect”.

However, gardaí have insisted that the first 24 to 48 hours of the murder investigation have not been wasted.


According to the Irish Examiner, the new “person of interest” is being monitored and investigators are satisfied they will not lose him.

According to sources, the garda investigation is “moving at pace” and gardaí want to get as much evidence as possible before making any decision on whether to arrest the man.

It is understood that investigators are waiting to speak to him after he has been treated for a number of injuries.

As reported in The Irish Times, the man has been treated at a hospital in the east of the country with his injuries believed not to be life-threatening.


It is further understood that the new “person of interest” is related to the bicycle that gardaí issued an appeal in relation to.

Gardaí issued a renewed appeal for witnesses on Friday morning and asked anyone with information about a “Falcon Storm mountain bike” with “straight handlebars and distinctive yellow/green front forks” to come forward.

They believe the bike may have been used by Ms Murphy’s assailant. If not, they need to eliminate the bike and its owner from their investigation.

Forensic evidence

It is understood that valuable forensic evidence has been gathered by gardaí investigating the murder.

Sources have said that the evidence led to the release of the man who had been arrested as part of the investigation.

The man’s solicitor said on Friday that he has had his “life ruined”. Donal Farrelly, who represented the man during his two days of questioning, condemned those who had tried to identify him on social media.

The evidence is now being applied to other suspects, which sources have said will be crucial in the hunt for the killer.

The crime scene at Boland’s Lock, Cappincur, on the Grand Canal tow-path about 3km east of Tullamore was still sealed off on Friday for forensic examination.

The clothes Ms Murphy was wearing have also been examined, with gardaí hoping forensic evidence will significantly aid the murder investigation.

Earlier, former Assistant Garda Commissioner for Dublin Dr Pat Leahy said the garda investigation into the killing of Ashling Murphy could go in "multiple directions".

Dr Leahy said investigations are not "linear processes" and that "around the clock" investigative activities always continue in such cases, even when a suspect is being questioned.

"Door to door enquiries will be conducted. You have forensic scientists working on this. You have telephone and CCTV analysts, scenes of crimes experts. Conferences will be taking place, and they will be pursuing multiple lines. There will be total commitment on this from the investigating team.

“(Gardaí) won't see their families for some considerable length of time because they will be totally and utterly committed to pursuing this and delivering justice for Ashling and her family and the community in Tullamore."