Over 900 arrested for drink driving across the country over Christmas period

During the period from Friday November 26th 2021 to Tuesday 4th January 2022, Gardaí arrested 914 people for drink driving, while there were 13,950 speeding detections. There were 19 fatalities on our roads during this period. This compares with 10 for the same dates in 2020.

In 2021 there were a total of 134 fatalities on Irish roads. This compares with 146 in 2020.

The figures form part of data released by An Gardai Síochána on its Christmas and New Year Road Safety Campaign 2021.

The campaign primarily focused on Mandatory Intoxicant Testing i.e. detecting those who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The campaign also focused on speeding, non-wearing of seatbelts, mobile phone use by drivers, in addition to checking on unaccompanied drivers driving on learner permits.


Assistant Commissioner Paula Hilman of the Roads Policing and Community Engagement Bureau has issued an  appeal to all road users to prioritise road safety.

As we enter 2022 our thoughts are with the families of the 134 people who lost their lives on our roads during 2021. An Garda Síochána is committed to reducing deaths on our roads in 2022 and is asking all road users to make this their priority too.  While a large majority of the public listen and comply with road safety advice we want all road users to be safe’.

RSA and on drink driving and speeding

Sam Waide, Chief Executive, RSA said - "It is astonishing to see the numbers of those who persist to drink and drug drive, as it significantly increases the risk of a fatal collision. Inappropriate speed is still an issue and even a 5% reduction in average speed can reduce fatal collisions by 30%. It is alarming to think that 28% of all drivers and passengers killed in 2021, in Ireland, were not wearing a seatbelt. These behaviours lead to death and serious injuries on our roads. I am asking those people who continue to break the rules to reconsider your behaviour, as there is a high likelihood you will be caught, face the prospect of being fined, receive penalty points, or lose your licence”.

Key Statistics from Christmas Campaign

• 914 Driving While Intoxicated arrests• 13,950 Speeding detections• 15,759 Breath Tests carried out• 5,681 Checkpoints performed• 1,269 FCN’s issued for use of Mobile Phones• 310 FCN’s issued for non-wearing of seatbelts• 525 FCN’s issued for Learner Drivers Driving Unaccompanied• A total of 35 Drink and Drug Driving arrests occurred on New Year’s Day – 12 of these occurred between 6am and 1pm.