Proposed plans for new Waterford city cycling routes unveiled

Proposed plans for new Waterford city cycling routes unveiled

A local councillor has raised concerns about the introduction of new active travel corridors in Waterford City.

Councillor Joe Kelly says three roads leading into the city and Tramore will be proposed for the works.

The routes identified at this early stage are the Cork Road from Whitfield into the city, the Inner Ring Road passing the Kingsmeadow roundabout, and the Tramore to Waterford route.

Under the plans, barriers would be installed on either side of the road, separating cyclists and motorists.

Questions regarding the system


Speaking to WLR News, Councillor Kelly says:

"There will always be issues with any new system, but with the three routes that are proposed at the moment, there will be cycle lanes put in with physical barriers between the cyclist and the cars."

This, he says, will be instead of the white painted cycle lanes which are commonplace.

"At this point there are no detailed designs in terms of how things will be handled like junctions or roundabouts so this is going out for the public to be aware that these are the routes selected as the main arteries of the system."


"There will be significant changes in terms of how people travel as these schemes are implemented. The key questions at this point are how the roads will be dealt with, how the work is going to be done and how the traffic is going to be managed."

Safer routes for cyclists

However, local Green Party councillor Cristiona Kiely says the roads must become safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Looking at some of the existing cycle lanes which are identified by painted lines and signs, she says paint is not sufficient to keep road users safe.

Speaking on Déise Today, she says: "The streets of Waterford are not safe to travel. I have cycled on the streets of Waterford twice in the last 18 months."

"Once, I was lit up like a Christmas tree for the Jingle Bells cycle where the streets were closed by the guards. The second time I was knocked off my bike, that's why I won't cycle in Waterford city centre, it's why I won't allow my kids to cycle there."

She says in her view it is too early to raise concerns about the proposed routes given they are at the preliminary design stages.

However, she added that the Tramore to Waterford route is a disappointment at this stage of the plans. She says the development will be rapid once plans are agreed upon, using only existing infrastructure, meaning there will be no development of a Greenway.


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