Public meeting held to discuss Waterford’s North-West Suburbs

Public meeting held to discuss Waterford’s North-West Suburbs

A meeting was held last night to discuss the future of the North-Weste Suburbs as part of the Community Action Plan 2023-2030.

The seven-year action plan aims to promote sustainable community development in the suburbs of Gracedieu, Knockhouse, Bawndaw, Norwood, Logloss, Gibbet Hill, and Carrickphierish.

The Action Plan is being developed in collaboration with local stakeholders and the community, in order to inform and deliver more vibrant, connected, and cohesive community suburbs.

To ensure that the plan reflects the needs and aspirations of the community, members of the public are encouraged to share their views and vision for the county through various channels, both online and in person.


Speaking to WLR News at the meeting last night, Waterford Local Community Safety Partnership co-ordinator Eddie Mulligan, outlined their aims.

"The main purpose of the event is to listen here this evening and we are in Carrikckpherish Library which is the hub of what we call the North-West Suburbs, the Bawndaw, Gracedieu, and Bilberry area.

"What we are doing at the moment is drafting a seven-year action plan as to how we can improve community connectivity and improve vibrancy in the area.

"Being the community safety partnership, we have had reservations and issues by the local community up here, and we are looking at how best we can address those by building a more positive community."


 A series of focus group sessions will be held throughout November. To find out more or to register your interest email [email protected]

An online survey will be opened shortly through Waterford Community Safety Partnership's social media platforms (@waterfordsafety on X and Instagram and Waterford Community Safety Partnership on Facebook).

Submissions can also be made in writing to WLCSP, 8A Catherine Street, Waterford, or by emailing [email protected]

For further information, follow @waterfordsafety or search the hashtag #WaterfordNorthWestSurburbs on social media.

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