Russia's President threatens Ukraine with nuclear weapons

Russia's President threatens Ukraine with nuclear weapons

Russia's president has threatened the West with nuclear weapons if it continues to - in his view - "blackmail" his country following his invasion of Ukraine.

Four occupied regions in Ukraine are planning to hold votes on joining Russia.

World leaders have condemned those votes - calling them a sham.

In a televised address Vladimir Putin warned he has "various weapons" and isn't afraid to use them.


The Russian President declared that reservists will be called up to the armed forces in a "partial mobilisation" move by security chiefs.

It's expected the decision will affect around 300,000 men and women who have fighting experience.

Anastasiia Romanchuk, now living in Ardmore, is a Ukrainian refugee from the city of Zaporizhzhia - which is adjoining one of the areas set to hold a vote this week.

Anastasiia fled Zaporizhzhia in April and she's been telling WLR News that people still believe the Ukrainian army will liberate them.


Despite their beliefs, nothing has changed in the country.

"Almost every day Ukraine is bombed...  Half an hour ago there were five explosions just in the city centre," she said.

Anastasiia believes Russia will bring in people to make sure the vote passes. She thinks Vladimir Putin will get fake people to attend the referendum to do so.

Anastasiia had planned to go back to Zaporizhzhia to visit a sick relative in the next few weeks and says this development won't stop her.

"I want to see my family. I want to see my friends. I want to congratulate my best friend with her birthday. Why should I stop?," she said.

Ananstasiia is nervous for what could happen, but wants to make the trip regardless.

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