Calls for further expansion of city bike rental scheme

Calls for further expansion of city bike rental scheme
Labour Party Councillor Seamus Ryan has called for faster expansion of the city bike rental scheme in Waterford, in order to build on its' initial success.
Ryan has hailed the results of the first year of the Waterford Public Bike scheme, saying that the city needs to expand it to areas not used to ensure continued success.
Speaking On the scheme, Labour Cllr in Waterford City Seamus Ryan said:“It’s been a great success for Waterford since we secured its presence here. You can see with your own eyes the impact it is having, with students especially availing of it. The next step now is to expand to different parts of the city which do not have stands, like Ferrybank, in order to create an even more interconnected Waterford. I’ll keep working cross-party to achieve that with my Labour Party colleagues locally and nationally.”
The figures were released to Cllr Ryan via Labour Party TD Seán Sherlock.
9,637 people used the bike rental scheme in 2022, constituting 7.14% of the country's total. 109,700 people used the scheme in Cork, which accounted for 81.25% of the Irish total.
More people used the scheme in Waterford, than was the case in both Galway (6.264) and Limerick (9,414).