SETU lecturer says Russian ambassador should stay

The Russian Ambassador to Ireland should not be expelled, despite escalated Russian aggression and allegations of war crimes.

That's the view of SETU's lecturer in International Relations and Politics, Gerry Arthurs.

Speaking on Déise Today, he says the channels for dialogue need to be maintained.

Russia this week announced it was calling up thousands of reservists to further the war against Ukraine and will be holding 4 referenda in its occupied areas.


Mobilisied soldiers are essentially less experienced, less motivated and less trained, according to Gerry.

The escalation of Russia's invasion of Ukraine is "a reflection of Putin's weakness"

Ireland expelling the Russian Ambassador would have a negative knock-on effect in Europe.

"A cornered Putin is a more dangerous Putin," Gerry said.


He says it's important to keep channels open even just to scorn him and hold him to accountability.

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