Small businesses and climate the main focus of Council's budget meeting

The importance of small businesses to Waterford has been the main take-away from this year's budget meeting.

Councillors agreed unanimously to pass the budget after it was amended yesterday.

The change allows small and medium businesses to claim back the 3% increase in commercial rates imposed in the budget, once they complete a climate action course.

Fine Gael's Damien Geoghegan tabled the motion, after it was agreed in advance by a majority of councillors.


"The last few budgets have been passed with quite a lot of support," he said.

In the past, there was a different controlling pact in control and they didn't have the same success.

"They fell at their first hurdle with the budget and since then we (Fine Fรกil, Fine Gael, and Independents) stepped back in and we've had an easy time of it since, so it goes to show we can go our business," Councillor Geoghegan said.

Last year, 1,000 local businesses took part in the climate action course and saved 5% on their rates.


Councillor Geoghegan said that the Council want to help businesses to reduce costs.

"The focus will be on climate mitigation measures and I think that's where the focus is when we'd be sitting down talking to businesses," he said.

Climate mitigation measures refer to action taken that will reduce or prevent greenhouse gas emissions.

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