St Mary's NS knit St Brigid's Day cloak with help of Aperee residents

St Mary's National School in Ballygunner have brought the community closer on this St Brigid's Day.

They've been working on a project since the start of the school year, in their newly-formed knitting club.

The residents of the Aperee Nursing Home were also involved in the project where together they knit around 900 squares to form a Cloak for St Brigid.

The students from the school were delighted to be part of the project and to mix with their friends again from different classes.


"I liked it because it was very calming and there was music on," one told Beat News.

"It was really peaceful and I liked chatting with my friends while knitting," another said.

"It felt good and I felt that if I got stuck that they always help you with it. They were definitely kind with it," another added.

"I'm very proud of everyone that did it. I only did one square but like, Ms O'Shea did all the sewing and it was a really good opportunity," another said.


Ms O'Shea is the teacher behind the idea.

Speaking to Beat News, she says it was lovely to watch everyone mingle.

"It brought everyone back together again for the couple of weeks and pure joy to the children. Last year, we were still in bubbles and playing on our own, now we're at least together again and it was great to see everyone chatting," Ms O'Shea said.

The cloak was brought to St Mary's Church last weekend and put on display in order for the whole community to get a glimpse.

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