Staff of Ukrainian children's hospital issue heartfelt thanks to people of Waterford

The staff of a children's hospital in Ukraine have thanked the people of Waterford for their generosity.

Representatives of the facility in Cherkassy, which is a city along the Dnipro River, south of Ukraine, have sent an email to thank the mayor of Waterford and all those who have donated goods to help small children in that city.

They recently received a delivery of a number of care packages from Waterford.

Mayor Joe Kelly says these goods are vital for the hospital:


"They thanked the people of Waterford for our continued support for the children by sending Pampers, baby supplies, and other sanitary products.

"We've continued the supply lines out to Ukraine because the hospital is in desperately short supply of all of these goods. They cannot get them.

"So, we're keeping the supply going as best we can to help these children."

Unit 5, Kilcohan Industrial Complex is where the warehouse is located for people wishing to drop donations off in Waterford City.


Councillor Kelly says they are still encouraging people to drop off items like the ones mentioned above, if possible:

"We could always do with new products, as in the products like Pampers, baby wipes, Sudocrem - the types of things that would be needed in children's hospitals.

"If people listening were interested and were in a position to buy some of those products and drop them out to the warehouse, we would be delighted to have them.

"We do send those kinds of things directly to Ukraine. We have direct lines with the doctors and nurses out there and so they tell us exactly what's happening on a day-to-day basis."

Continuing, Mayor Kelly says the doctors and staff at this facility in particular, are hugely grateful for the support:

"They were delighted to send that email thanking the people of Waterford for their generosity and their support in this time of crisis for them.

"And it really is fantastic what the people of Waterford are doing, and will continue to do, I have no doubt."