Tramore Amusement Park sees 600,000 summer visitors

Over 600,000 people visited the Tramore Amusement Park this summer, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Waterford.

Park Operations Manager, Michael Garland told WLR that the visitor numbers exceeded all expectations.

The park have been in mourning recently following the death of Frank King.

The park will only open on weekends until the end of September. Mr. Garland says the park is an integral part of tourism in both Waterford and the South East.


"This year, over the 15-16 weeks we've been open, we've had 500,000 to 600,000 visitors over that time. That of course makes us the busiest attraction in Waterford by far. I never realised the park was such an economic driver. I came on board in February this year, and now I realise that the park is so integral to the tourism industry. Not just in Waterford, but right across the South East."

Tramore Amusement Park is also planning on expanding over the coming months and years, and Michael says there is huge potential in terms of ideas.

"We own quite a bit of land around the area as well. We're looking at things like a food court next year, and after that who knows. There's so much space in there that we might look at an early morning farmer's markets. Into next year, there's enough space at the shoulder ends of the tourist season to look at things like drive-in movies and drive-in bingo. The park will grow, expand and get better, better and better. The quality of rides will be maintained and we'll add one or two more again next year."

South East Support

However, the South East needs to be promoted more as a region according to Mr. Garland.


Michael believes the offering in the region is fantastic, but local businesses need the Tourism Board to get behind the region.

"I've no doubt that more and more people will come here, but we need the support of the tourism board to help with that. I know that the Waterford Tourism Office is closed. It's a sin that that's closed. We've got so many tourists coming down here. Why aren't we being promoted like other regions? It's something that collectively as parks that we'll have to come together and do ourselves. We have a great product, and a great offering."