Waterford Council release Energy-Saving Booklet

Waterford City and County Council’s Climate Action Team has published an Energy-Saving Booklet, developed in direct response to the ongoing global energy crisis which is adversely impacting households and businesses.

Using a common-sense approach to energy saving, the booklet is intended to act as a baseline from which actions can be taken and built upon.

While many may be familiar with the tips within, old habits may prevent us from realizing their benefits.

Topics covered in the booklet include energy poverty, energy supplier guidance, household appliance energy usage and home energy upgrades.


“Be it for heating, cooking, or powering appliances but in Ireland, we rely primarily on fossil fuels for our energy needs which of course, is not sustainable,” Climate Action Coordinator with the Council, Gráinne Kennedy, said.

The booklet has been developed with the primary aims of the reduction of C02 emissions through the mitigation of energy-related emissions and to assist households with the management and reduction of their household energy costs.

The booklet forms part of Waterford City and County Council’s adopted Climate Adaptation Strategy 2019-2024, the Council’s Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality 2040 and commitments made under the EU Covenant of Mayors.

Available in English and Irish and containing some 20 pages of information including tips and tricks on energy reduction, as well as a detailed glossary of terms, the booklet will be distributed free of charge to households throughout Waterford in the near future.


Speaking at the launch of the booklet, Mayor of Waterford City and County Council, Cllr. John O’Leary said:

"The cost-of-living crisis effects each one of us and a reference like this will be a useful resource as to what we can all do in our homes and businesses to reduce our energy needs.”

The booklet is available to download from the Council’s website.

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