Waterford Labour councillor wants answers on shock resignation of leader Alan Kelly

Waterford Labour councillor wants answers on shock resignation of leader Alan Kelly

A Waterford Labour councillor says wider members of the party deserve to know why Alan Kelly resigned as leader.

John Pratt, based in Tallow, said he was as surprised as anyone else by the announcement last night.

"Personally, I am disappointed about how it has come about," he told Deise Today this morning (Thursday).

"I know from my experience with Alan Kelly that he has been absolutely phenomenal to deal with. Coming through Covid, he had started to get out on the ground again in the most recent past."


"We don't know what went on behind the scenes. I do want to know and we, as councillors and Labour party members, deserved to know. He was forced out, by the sound of it."

Alan Kelly dramatically announced his resignation last night.

The 'Irish Independent' reports this morning (Thursday)that he was told his position was untenable in the wake of an issue that arose over a recruitment process for a backroom position within the party.

Dublin South Bay TD Ivana Bacik has been identified by party sources as the "unanimous" choice to succeed him.


While acknowledging it was "disappointing" not to have been informed in advance, Cllr John Pratt told Damien Tiernan on Deise Today that Alan Kelly had to be complimented for the way he had handled the matters.

He had stepped down as party leader when "he could have stayed on and things could have become more toxic, internally."

"I think he probably has done the right thing," said the councillor, saying he knew Alan Kelly to be a sincere man and a family man.

John Pratt acknowledged the rumour mill was strongly suggesting Ivana Bacik taking up the leadership position and "so be it".

He said the party hadn't made gains in the polls in recent times and the pandemic hadn't helped that.

"Every time we get into power the country seemed to be on its knees," he added, refuting suggestions that the party had made decisions that had betrayed working class people in Ireland, including when it came to Alan Kelly's handing of the Irish Water situation.