Waterford MEP 'frustrated' at lack of ban on fossil fuels

The failure of the COP climate conference to agree an end to fossil fuels is 'desperately disappointing', according to a Waterford MEP.

Grace O'Sullivan says that at Glasgow last year, negotiators watered down the deal, committing only to 'phase down', not 'phase out' fossil fuels.

But this year’s conference in Egypt didn’t even get that far.

MEP O’Sullivan says she welcomes the agreement on ‘loss and damage’, but is frustrated there's no end in sight globally to fossil fuels.


She says this means countries have to accept that every one will have to contribute.

"These people do not have the funds to mitigate against climate change, or to adapt, so there will be a cost. We're the ones who are causing he real problem of global warming," she said.

Last weekend, rich countries including those in the European Union agreed to set up a fund to offset the ‘loss and damage’ caused by climate change on developing countries.

It's been described as an historic deal.


MEP O'Sullivan doesn't believe this is enough has been campaigning to ban the use of fossil fuels for decades.

"We know what's causing the problem, we know we're in a climate emergency, we know it's the burning of fossil fuels and there's no phasing down, there's no phasing away. There's only one way to go and that's phase out, as soon as possible," she said.

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