Waterford roads should maintain standards for 20 years

Waterford Council have highlighted that any road works being carried out under the Local Improvement Scheme should maintain standards for 20 years at a minimum.

The LIS provides funding for improvement works on small roads and laneways in rural areas which are not maintained by the Council themselves.

Senior Engineer with Waterford Council, Gabriel Hynes, says they have had a huge demand for upgrades across the county.

Speaking at this month's Comeragh District meeting, Gabriel says works are of a much higher standard than they once were.


Now they are carrying out a variety of works including regulating, tarmac, and drainage works.

"We're doing quality work," he said.

The cost of improving rural roads in will now rise because of the standards the Council want to maintain.

Gabriel says the cost does depend on the length of the road, with 1km costing roughly €100,000.


Waterford Council have had to establish a secondary list due to the demand for road works under the scheme.

The local authorities complete an average of 10 schemes per year, but there are currently around 50 applications on the list, with more hoping to join.

"I've estimated the cost of completing those schemes roughly in the region of €4 million, and we have more people anxious to get on that secondary list," Gabriel said.

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